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Balancing Trademark Protection With Price

Last week I read an article called “A Dozen Reasons Why Growth Companies (and Their Investors) Seek Federal Trademark Registrations”. It is a very informative and well-written article outlining the major benefits of federal trademark registration.

The article was published by the National Law Review and is designed to get people to seek federal registration with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Which, as we’ve highlighted before, can be advantageous but is only utilized by roughly 5% of American businesses.

Right in the opening paragraph, there are a couple of phrases that highlight one of the main reasons why most businesses are on the outside looking in; one of the major flaws of our current trademark registration system (bold formatting is mine):

“Protecting that pride has a price, and you must often balance that with the use of limited funds. From guarding the goodwill built in your products or services to being collateral for a loan, registered trademarks can provide lasting value for your growing company that provides either products or services.”

You must balance protection with your limited access to funds? Why? I don’t think protecting your rights (or at the very least claiming what rights you already have) should be a budgetary issue.

Everyone should have the opportunity to protect their rights, even if it’s only a temporary solution until their business has grown to a point where they can justify spending $1,000 on fees for a lawyer and a federal registration.

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