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Press Release: Cognate Launches Trademark Monitoring Service

(March 7, 2016)- Cognate, a Boston-based legal tech startup, has just announced the launch of its trademark monitoring service. Cognate’s proprietary algorithm monitors new federal trademark applications submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If there is a conflict, Cognate sends an alert notifying the owner of the Cognate-registered mark that another party is trying to federally register the mark that they claim to own.

The monitoring service is coupled with Cognate’s trademark listing service, giving users unprecedented access to affordable trademark documentation and protection.

“We’re really excited to add the monitoring service to the Cognate platform. Now, we’re not only giving our customers the ability to make a public claim of their ownership of their common law trademark rights, but we’re also helping them actively monitor and protect those rights,” says Cognate CEO Bennett Collen.

Common law trademark rights are earned whenever a business uses a name to identify their company, or a product or service they sell in commerce – no government registration is required. In some cases, common law rights can be superior to a federally registered trademark.

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About Cognate

Cognate was created so that companies do not have to balance protecting their trademark rights with the cost and time associated with filing a government registration.

Cognate was co-founded by the father-son team of Jess and Bennett Collen, both Boston College graduates. Jess is an intellectual property lawyer with 30 years of experience, while Bennett earned his “unofficial JD” working at his father’s firm since he was six years old.

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To learn more about Cognate, please contact:

Bennett Collen

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