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Venture Café Trademark Workshop Recap

Yesterday I held a trademark workshop at Venture Café in the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). Many souls braved the frigid temperatures and high winds to learn about their trademark rights, how to protect them, and some of the biggest threats faced by trademark owners.

I’ve given this talk three times over the past few months and I’m always struck by the diversity of the businesses represented in the audience. Every company – from event planners, to watchmakers, to a company that helps kids track if they’ve taken their medication (or potty training progress) using stickers, to nanotech companies, to non-profits that make sewing kits for the blind – has trademarks.

Trademarks (names, or brands) are the common thread that connects entrepreneurs across industry and company stage.

“A name will last longer than any other investment you make in your business. It makes a critical first impression. Even more than your shoes.” – Alexandra Watkins, professional wordsmith

Thanks to all those who came out despite the weather. If you didn’t make it out this time, be sure to follow @CognateCM so you don’t miss the next one!

Bennett is founder and CEO of Cognate, the fastest, most affordable way to record and monitor trademark rights. The son of two trademark attorneys, he earned his “unofficial JD” in trademark law at the dinner table, and by working at his parents’ firm for parts of twenty years. Follow Bennett on Twitter @trademarksaint


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