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Blockchain & The Law Weekly Roundup: 4 August 2017

Title: Press Release – (USA)  Delaware Encourages Blockchain Technology Through Legal and Technological Innovations

Author: Pepper Hamilton Law Firm

Date: 3 August 2017

On July 21, Delaware governor John C. Carney Jr. signed into law a series of amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law (DGCL) that will allow companies to keep shareholder information on blockchain technology-based distributed ledgers and communicate with investors through those ledgers. A key aspect of the law is that Delaware companies will now be able to maintain their ownership records on a blockchain database; a blockchain stock ledger. The amendments took immediate effect, and Delaware companies can now take advantage of blockchain technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency and accuracy, knowing that the technology is supported and recognized under Delaware law.


Title: Introducing the Accord Project: “The future of law will be revolutionized by legaltech”

Author: Interview with Peter Hunn and Houman Shadab, founders of

Date: 2 August 2017

Introducing the Accord Project: “The future of law will be revolutionized by legaltech”


Title:  Legal prediction bot developers working on 80 per cent accuracy model

Author: Solicitors Journal (UK)

Date: 2 August 2017

The Cambridge graduates behind LawBotX, the case outcome prediction bot combined with a lead generation tool for law firms, have taken a further step into the commercial world by rebranding their platform as Elexirr.

Relaunched last month as LawBotX, the bot is hosted on Facebook Messenger and also includes a machine-learning function. This refines predictions through use and filters prospective clients based on a law firm’s usage history.

The bot’s accuracy rate currently stands at 71 per cent. In a video posted on the business’s website, managing director Ludwig Bull (pictured) said the team was now working on “a next generation deep-learning model with which we hope to crack the 80 per cent accuracy”.


Title:  Illinois state government is embedding itself in the world of blockchain tech


Date:  4 August 2017

The five pilots undertaken by the state include the areas of land title registry, academic credentials, health provider registries, energy credit marketplaces and vital records. The state’s idea is that if it can figure out blockchain, there are a lot of record keeping and transaction processes that can be made more secure and more reliable.


Title: SilentNotary – Blockchain-Based Notary Chatbot Serves First Clients

Author: Blockchain News

Date: 2 August 2017


SilentNotary, a Blockchain-based notary chatbot is now a working prototype available in Facebook Messenger. The product operates in the Ethereum virtual machine and use Ethereum Blockchain to notarize user data.

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