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China IP Update

A couple of interesting things have come over the wires this week

First up

Above the Law have published part 2 of their China IP series.

It’s entitled.

China And Intellectual Property Rights: The Dragon Roars (Part 2)

What can China do to leverage opportunities afforded by the current weakened state of the U.S. patent system?

Because China wants that mode of thinking to change, a strong domestic IP system is necessary to give Chinese companies the confidence and wherewithal to develop their own brands — hence the new focus on “punishing infringers” and the like…(more at the link above)

Part 1  China And Intellectual Property Rights: The Dragon Roars (Part 1)

We could soon witness a major shift in IP rights in China.


You probably don’t need to know the following but it’s always good to see how an elite class preserve and build upon money and power.

Trump company applies for casino trademark in Macau

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