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Patent Court of Korea Holds Inaugural English Language Hearing

The Patent Court of Korea held a hearing, mid July, in which two lawyers argued a case in English for the first time. The court sees this development as part of continued efforts to become a international-friendly venue for patent litigation amid a steady increase of such cases.

It is understood that of the  611 patent dispute cases filed with the court in 2016, more than 40 percent, or 260 cases, were filed by non Korean parties


The Korea Times reports.

The Intellectual Property Hub Court Committee under the Supreme Court has been seeking since 2015 to establish an international chamber, where lawyers deliver arguments in English.

A bill, now pending at the National Assembly, seeks to facilitate its establishment on a legal footing. Rep. Jeong Kab-yoon of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party first proposed the bill in December last year. The bill aims to revise the current law which requires all court cases be conducted in Korean.


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