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Over The Last Five Years There’s Been A 484% Rise In The Number Of Patents Filed Within The Category “Legal Services And Handling Legal Documents”

Thomson Reuters have compiled a report and legal technologist / blogger Bob Ambrogi has kindly taken a peek at the report and analyzed it for the rest of us.


The report can be read in full at

Ambrogi’s analysis  can be read under the heading Patents for Legal Services Technology Rose 484% in 2016

“Technological innovation across the financial and professional services industries has grown rapidly over the last few years and the legal sector is investing to stay ahead of the curve,” said Charlotte Rushton, managing director of U.S. Large and Midsize Law Firms for Thomson Reuters.

Thomson Reuters also attributes the rise to regulatory changes that have opened legal markets to new entrants and unconventional business models in jurisdictions such as the UK, Australia and Washington, D.C. Many of these new business models are technology-driven.

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