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More Articles On Blockchain & The Legal Industry

Although we usually do our blockchain roundup at the end of the week these two articles are well worth a read as both touch on the use of blockchain in IP law.


Title: Blockchain Technology Expected to Strongly Impact the IP Industry

Date: 18 August 2017


Extract: Regular creation of IP – The number of patent and trademark applications relating to blockchain technology is likely to increase dramatically. Currently, when searching the EPO’s database Espacenet, the search returns 165 patent filings that mention the word ”blockchain” and 69 that mention ”bitcoin”. A few years ahead, these breakthrough patents may well prove very valuable. The millions of lines of code written can also constitute highly valuable IP, protected by copyright, database protection or kept confidential.

Source: Lexology


Title: A Lawyers Use Of Blockchain Technology

Date: 19 August 2017


Extract: The legal implications of Bitcoin, ICOs and even blockchain technology itself have been widely discussed. For Russia’s move to legalise the ICO and provide investor protection to Blockchain adoption for applications, the implications for law enforcement have always been considered. However, how can blockchain be used to the advantage of law firms and legal practitioners? What advantages can blockchain bring to the legal profession?

Source: The Market Mogul

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