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Finding IP Information On Lexis Nexis, Update.

Sometimes the endless searching on the big databases makes one feel like you’re looking to find that mysterious route through the North West Passage.


Never fear Lexis are getting much better at helping users navigate their way through  the ice floes, past the dangerous headlands and narwhals.


Here’s their latest tip(s) and where to go to keep up to date with research tutorials


Librarian Relations Consultant Research Tip: How to access Intellectual Property sources on Lexis Advance

With recent Lexis Advance enhancements, you can now tap into all available patents, trademarks and copyright registrations from the Intellectual Property link directly from the Explore Content Pod.

You can also apply this Intellectual Property topic as a pre-search category filter when starting a search from the Red Search Box, and even make it a favorite by highlighting the “star.”

Read more ( with illustrations) here

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