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Uber Sues Uber For Trademark Infringement

Florida based Uber Operations provides cloud and hosted IT services for regional health care providers and small businesses in Florida and other Southeastern US states.

The two companies applied for and were both granted trademarks in 2011-2012 to use the Uber name in their respective businesses (Uber Operations for IT services and Uber Technologies for ride-sharing).

But now  Uber Operations have had enough  after all the bad publicity generated by the ride sharing service.

State governments with whom Uber Operations does business have experienced confusion with Uber Tech. The Attorney General’s office has sent Uber Operations legal notices, writs and other court documents, employment verification requests, and other important documents and records intended for Uber Tech,” the filing [PDF] reads.

The Register UK reports

Uber Operations says the bad publicity Uber Tech has gotten for itself has led the cloud Uber to be on the receiving end of bad reviews and death threats from disgruntled Uber car service passengers.

“As a result of this saturation, the public has come to assume that Uber Operations’ services are really Uber Tech’s or that Uber Operations has become somehow connected to Uber Tech, and Uber Operations has thus lost the value of its trademark, ie, its corporate identity, and control over its goodwill and reputation,” the complaint reads.

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