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Oh Yoko !

To paraphrase a “Lennonism”   …. In the middle of a dream In the middle of a dream I call your name, Oh Yoko, Oh Yoko

That’s obviously what a Polish soft drinks were doing, dreaming, if they thought they could get this one past Yoko.

Rolling Stone reports.

Yoko Ono pressured a Polish beverage company into changing the name of its new drink, “John Lemon,” with the singer-artist’s legal team alleging that the product infringed upon her late husband, John Lennon’s, trademark. Mr Lemonade Alternative Drinks agreed to change the name to “On Lemon” after Ono wrote to the company and its distributors across Europe, warning that continued infringement could result in violations of up to 5,000 euros ($5,998) per day and 500 euros ($600.20) per bottle sold, The Guardian reports.

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