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Our Latest Favorite Trademark Dispute: Escobar Family vs Hollywood

Last week it was Yoko Ono vs a soft drinks manufacturer. This week the family of the most notorious cocaine kingpin of all time and Hollywood producers fight over the rights to the name, “Narcos”.

The Hollywood Reporter along with a host of other media report.

Amid the unwelcome glare of the Sept. 11 shooting death of Carlos Munoz Portal — a Narcos location scout killed on the job in the rural region north of Mexico City — Netflix must also contend with an ongoing trademark dispute with the family of Pablo Escobar, the Colombian drug kingpin dramatized in the hit series.

Speaking Monday to The Hollywood Reporter, Escobar’s 71-year-old surviving brother, Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, suggested the show’s producers are not cut out for filming in such cartel-infested locales as Mexico and Colombia, adding that they would benefit from the hiring of “hitmen … as security.”

Gaviria also threatened to “close their little show” if the streaming giant failed to provide a $1 billion payment to his company, Escobar Inc., for intellectual property violations.

“Netflix are scared,” he said. “They sent us a long letter to threaten us.”

That letter, prepared and sent July 27 by the powerhouse Los Angeles firm Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, has been obtained exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter.

We know you won’t be able to resist !


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