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Blockchain Roundup: 19 October 2017 , Law Firm Article On Trademarking ICOs Mentions Cognate

Quite quiet again at the end of the week. Only two things of note today.  Trademark registration for ICOs are the flavor of the month and law firm Erdos IP gets to the bottom of it all.

Not only that, Cognate gets a mention in this fascinating article.Cognate is one blockchain-related venture that seeks to establish service for recording evidence supporting trademark rights on a blockchain says the piece that argues. In short, trademark protection may be the most important form of intellectual property protection for most crypto ventures.

Also, just in case you weren’t aware; Blockchain Expo North America is fast approaching. Only 5 weeks to go before the crypto-caravan heads to Santa Clara.


Title: Altcoins Seek Trademark Registration For ICOs and Beyond

Author: Erdos IP Law

Date: 17 October 2017


Extract:  Trademark applications for altcoins are beginning to flood the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Initial coin offerings (“ICOs”), or token sales, have taken off, especially after the SEC’s initial weigh-in late July that indicated that there may be ways to perform ICOs that would not be deemed as a sale of securities.  Cryptoenthusiasm now extends beyond the technorati; personalities such as Mark Cuban, Paris Hilton, and Ghostface Killah are backing ICOs.  Trademark protection is especially important for distributed technologies that seek widespread adoption for network effects. The general public will gloss over the details of the underlying technology, but it will appreciate the reputation that a crypto venture garners through their trademarks among thought leaders, celebrities, and members of their social networks.  Trademark registration* is an important way to effectively convey a crypto venture’s stake in a rapidly crowding altcoin market.

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