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Tech Company Provides Blackchain Solution For Law Firms To Exchange Data With Clients

Here’s the press release with an opening paragraph that’s verging on goobledegook. The jist of what they are trying to say, we think, is that they have created a secure data exchange service for law firms.

Here’s the press release in full.

Davis & Associates (D&A), a leading provider of cloud based eDiscovery, integrated technology solutions and information governance services for law firms, corporate legal and IT departments is pleased to announce that Ercom and D&A have formed a partnership to leverage Ercom Cryptobox’s secured file sharing solution as a part of D&A’s pioneering Holistic Information Governance as a Service (HiGaaS) offering. Cryptobox’s data segregation mechanism and blockchain enabled chain of custody ledgers is a disruptive paradigm which provides unimpeachable security, authentication and auditing for data under its management.

“Our corporate and law firm clients can securely transmit and store terabytes of confidential discovery and other sensitive intellectual property on our cloud-based platform. They can put data security concerns to rest given that we are using Cryptobox’s encryption framework to facilitate or limit data access and control while providing a full audit trail of every activity related to data hosting and content collaboration,” said founding Partner Rich Davis.

“We are very proud to enable D&A to offer an even more secure and auditable solution than those commercially available, thanks to our unique product that combines data segregation and a forensic chain of custody. It is ideal for any team that needs to share highly confidential data inside or outside their environments while keeping a tamper-proof activity audit log,” said Julia Mason, Director, Ercom USA.

“I’ve been advising CIO’s and Managing Partners of law firms for years on technology and nothing in the market compares to Cryprobox’s security model. With Cryptobox, terabytes of data can be encrypted and securely stored in virtually any cloud environment. No one, not even the cloud provider can access the data without the data owner’s key,” said D&A Director of Operations Larry Briggi.

D&A / Cryptobox partnership benefits and use cases include:

  • M&A: Secure “cross border” deal rooms for contract and document analysis.
  • Litigation: Cross jurisdictional staging and processing of sensitive data for discovery purposes.
  • Records Management: Content migration, classification and encrypted archival of intellectual property or sensitive materials.–associates-llc-incorporates-cryptoboxs-blockchain-data-security-solution-300538936.html

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