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Block.Law & Confideal JV On Smart Contracts

Confideal has announced  a “strategic cooperation” between themselves and the network of blockchain experts and crypto consultants at Block.Law.


Here’s their press release outlining their arrangement

Block.Law’s cooperation with Confideal will provide uncompromised benefits for both companies. The cooperation if very straightforward and easy to accomplish for both of the projects. Block.Law will record, validate, and endorse information within Confideal smart contracts, acting as the legal authority and validation agent. For its part, Confideal will offer their smart contract templates to Block.Law as well as facilitate the creation of new smart contracts to power Block.Law’s business logics and services.

Pioneers in crypto-based investments, Block.Law builds integrity among investors, companies, and regulators using blockchain tools as the new benchmark in traditional financial markets.

Working closely with an international network of investment managers, lawyers, and financial authorities, Block.Law is creating an ecosystem between blockchain technologies and the investment world by providing a clear and legally compliant framework for tokenized companies and funds.

Block.Law provides legal validation and recordation of smart contracts using a legal transaction validation mechanism. The semi-automated blockchain based platform provides an immutable human link in all services provided thereby ensuring trust, transparency, and legitimacy.

For more information about Block.Law please visit their company website.

Confideal is a visual smart contract builder that makes creating, managing, and enforcing smart contracts quick and easy. Users with absolutely no coding skills can create an enforceable, self-executing, and secure digital agreement powered by Ethereum for all types of transactions. The platform’s built-in arbitration module allows contract parties to resolve disputes in the Confideal environment using top-rated arbiters without the need to reveal any personal data. It offers a revolutionary opportunity for enterprises, small companies, and individuals to execute deals without the need for costly and delay-inducing intermediaries.

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