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Norton Rose Fulbright’s Victoria Birch Talks About The Rise & Rise Of Blockchain In The Law

“There was a group of us at Norton Rose Fulbright who were looking at Bitcoin and at cryptocurrencies and thought, ‘This looks quite interesting: how does it work from a legal perspective?’ We started to do research, and we started to look at the legal framework. And actually one of the guys who was in that team loved it so much he went off and set up his own blockchain company.”


UK legal news and gossip website held a seminar last month, Legal Cheek Live: Bitcoin, blockchain & smart contracts and the next generation of lawyers at which Birch spoke.

“We were probably a little bit ahead of the market. We used to go to presentations where the focus was something very topical and what people had initially come to hear about, and then they’d say ‘Right now for the last ten minutes we are going to hand over to Victoria who is going to talk about the Wild West and crypto currencies’. Then lo and behold, six months later the market, particularly the financial services sector, looked at the technology and thought, ‘this is actually fascinating. It can be used for lots of things. We are very interested in this.’ From then on the interest and enquiries just grew and grew.”

The article and the video of her talk featured here are well worth 10 minutes of your time.

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