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Ambrogi Chooses Blockchain As The Legal Word of the Year

This can’t really come as a surprise to many.We concur 100% with his choice of word and more importantly what it might mean in terms of disruption.

Here at Cognate it’s the word we live and die by.

Ambrogi writes.

Worthy contenders all. But after due consideration, I rejected them all in favor of what I consider to be the top legal technology word of 2017. And it is (drumroll): blockchain.

Earlier this year, I wrote a post, In Legal, Blockchain Is The New Black, in which I discussed the emerging and growing importance of blockchain technology in the legal industry. I described there a convergence of events that cumulatively underscored blockchain’s potential to disrupt many aspects of both the business and practice of law.

As one writer so aptly summarized, “[B]lockchain might be the most important addition to the legal infrastructure since William the Conqueror gave rise to common law.”

A year ago, no one in the legal profession was talking about blockchain. It was a word few lawyers knew. Now law firms have practice groups that focus on it, consortia have been formed to study its applications in law, and there has been at least one major conference devoted to it. For all of these reasons, I pick blockchain as the legal technology word of the year.

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