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Ethereum Launch New Working Groups, Including the “Legal Industry Working Group”

The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) has taken another step towards advancing the penetration of ethereum technology into more areas including digital identity, energy and multiplatform interoperability by launching three working groups.

The consortium, launched in February 2017, said that they have added three specific member-driven working groups in digital identity, multiplatform interoperability and energy, bringing to the total number of working groups and committees within the consortium to 17.

The three new working groups join the recently launched Legal Industry Working Group – a collective of 14 law firms and academic institutions working to educate the legal industry about the advantages of blockchain technology.

According to details revealed, the Digital Identity Working Group will focus on researching the role of Ethereum blockchain technology in developing a digital identity taxonomy that can be implemented throughout the tech sector.

The Energy Working Group will delve into defining blockchain standards for Ethereum applications in oil and gas, refineries, trading, utilities, mining and other use cases within the energy industry. The group will also develop the necessary infrastructure for the widespread implementation of Ethereum tech in the energy space.

Lastly, the Multi-Platform Working Group will cast an eye and dye on making the Ethereum platform available and usable across multiple operating systems and physical hardware. The ultimate goal? To make the Ethereum blockchain platform universally adoptable, whatever the platform may be.

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