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Press Release: Protect your Marijuana Strain using Blockchain and (UPC) Universal Product Code.

Here’s a press release from Florida based Certified, Inc.  who say they can offer a solution to business owners/growers pursuing Marijuana brand (strain) authentication by assisting brand owners validating their brands.


Here’s what they say about themselves

Certified is a World Wide Tier-1 UPC Code Database Provider with the capabilities of providing a UPC code to a specific Marijuana brand (strain), providing a live commerce example to help document and register the strain. Certified, Inc. uses blockchain technology to hold brand owners accountable for the validity of their strains using the shared hyperledger that is accessible to any authorized user on the network.

Sign up: for a one-time registration and $25 monthly license fee, a brand owner can register their Marijuana brand (strain) obtain a UPC code to obtain a Marijuana Commerce registration. Sign up Link:

OG Kush UPC registration example:

3651 FAU Boulevard, Suite 400 Boca Raton, Florida 33431 PHONE: +1-561-279-2855 •

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