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Come & See Cognate At NamesCon In Vegas Next Week

Next week we’ll be attending the NamesCon conference in Las Vegas. You’ll find us in our booth on “Startup Alley” talking about our new blockchain enabled trademark protection service.

Since its founding in 2013, NamesCon’s event in Las Vegas has grown to be the largest and most anticipated domain industry event of the year. Their 2017 conference drew  1300 odd delegates from around the world .

They quite rightly say, With the explosive growth of new TLDs and rapid expansion of internet connectivity worldwide, the domain industry promises to remain one of the most energized and important markets in technology.

Global trademark infringement and counterfeit has become a $1 trillion dollar problem*. With 38.6 million new businesses started every year* and the explosion in global commerce, it’s more important than ever to protect assets. A Cognate ChainMark uses blockchain — a cutting edge technology —  to make records immutable, quick to obtain and always accessible.

Come and have a word with us about protecting those valuable names, and, without breaking the bank too.

Cognate offers simple protection that is fast, less expensive and more secure than any existing alternative.

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