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And Another Law Firm To Accept Crypto Currency Payments

It’s spreading like wildfire!  This time we go to Dublin and Cosgrove Gaynard Solicitors who say they have “decided to accept Bitcoin after receiving requests from a number of clients”.


The Dublin-based law firm has announced that it will accept Bitcoin payments from clients in what it believes is a first for an Irish law firm.

Their statement,

Academics last year estimated that there are between three to six million worldwide users of the decentralised cryptocurrency, which allows for secure, anonymous online payments.

The blockchain technology underpinning Bitcoin allows it to function as a currency without having a central bank or single administrator.

Cosgrove Gaynard Solicitors added that it is “very aware that fintech clients working with cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in everyday life and so it is far more efficient for them to use this payment method than fiat currency”.


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