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Welcome to the British Blockchain Association

In all honesty we should have been aware of this association from day 1, our apologies. For those who haven’t come across this new outfit this is what they say about themselves in their About Us section.

and here’s their news and press releases page

Join the Advisory Board
Advisors play a vital role in influencing the strategic direction of our core objectives. You are expected to provide fore-sighting advice to ensure the Association will evolve as a modern and contemporary body. If you wish to join our Advisory Board, please email your profile along with your blockchain specific achievements, participation in blockchain projects/ongoing projects and the skills/expertise you would bring to the Association.
Nominations are now open for advisors in the following specialties:
         Blockchain for Government Organisations and Public Welfare
         Consortium Blockchains
         Smart Contracts
         Blockchain for Finance & Payments
         Cryptocurrencies & Initial Coin Offerings
         Blockchain for Education
         Editor, the Journal of British Blockchain Association

*Selection criteria includes:

1. Expertise

• Is actively engaged in the blockcain space (mandatory)

• Is a recognised thought leader (mandatory)

• Has relevant qualifications and/or prior learning (desirable)

2. Networks and Spheres of Influence:

• Has relevant industry connections (desirable)

3. Accountability:

• Can deliver the aims & objectives of British Blockchain Association (mandatory)

4. Commitment and Passion:

• Can dedicate the time for formal and informal events / meetings and thinking (desirable)

• Has a passion for the blockchain industry and is aligned to our Vision and Mission (mandatory)

5. Leadership Capabilities:

• Flexible (mandatory)

• Good communicator – written and verbal (desirable)

• Strategic Thinker (desirable)

• Influential (desirable)

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