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Article: “How Blockchain Just May Transform Online Copyright Protection”

This we already know at Cognate, but it’s great to see legal media catching up a year later. Above The Law write, “When it comes to online copyright protection and enforcement, blockchain technology is shaping up to handle the challenge”

The article authored by, Tom Kulik, a Intellectual Property & Information Technology Partner at the Dallas-based law firm of Scheef & Stone, LLP.

Here’s his introduction

Since the inception of the internet, copyrights have had a somewhat interesting relationship with it (to say the least).  From peer-to-peer file-sharing services for digital audio files (think Napster, then later Grokster and Kazaa, to name a few) to the use of photographs on the web, copyrights have not been regularly respected.  Copyright protection and enforcement was difficult enough without the internet — the online world has made it that much harder. Let’s be honest — from a copyright holder’s perspective, copyrights have been downright either ignored or under attack by some as “passé,” embodying an outdated concept of ownership at odds with an online world. Consistent with this ignorance of the law, unauthorized (and illegal) file-sharing and use of copyrighted content (especially images) has remained a significant problem. Now, it seems, this problem may have finally found its digital match with the use of blockchain technology.


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