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Underground British Fashion Brand Takes Versace To Court Over Lion Logo

Good to see a good old fashioned fashion trademark tussle between the big and the small. Looking at the image it seems they have a point.

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An emerging British brand is hauling Versace into court, alleging that the Italian design titan copied its lion logo. According to a trademark infringement lawsuit that No Fixed Abode filed against Versace last month in the British High Court of Justice’s Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, its founder Emma Mann has been using the lion doorknocker logo on her brand’s wares since she launched the “luxury streetwear” in 2013 and despite alerting Versace to No Fixed Abode’s rights in the design last fall, the Donatella Versace-helmed house continued to use the design anyway.

No Fixed Abode – whose wares are stocked by over 300 retailers in the UK, the United States, Australia and New Zealand – alleges in its suit that Mann attempted to remedy the matter prior to filing suit by having her attorneys notify Versace of No Fixed Abode’s rights in the lion mark. However, the parties were unable to come to a resolution, particularly in light of what Mann calls “years of Versace’s stalling tactics.”

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