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Frida Kahlo Corporation sues artist’s grandniece in latest twist in trademark spat

World Trademark Review have reported in their blog that the Frida Kahlo Corporation, which licenses brand rights to the Mexican artist’s name and image for use in a range of products, has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for Southern Florida against the artist’s grandniece, Mara Cristina Romeo Pinedo.

Here’s the story…..

The corporation alleges that Pinedo is illegally using its trademark as well as defaming the company. Pinedo, herself a shareholder and director in the corporation, hit the headlines in March when she came to blows with the company over its collaboration with Mattel in the launching of a line of Barbie dolls in Frida Kahlo’s image, claiming that it did not have the right to authorise such a doll, and winning an injunction against it in Mexico.

The corporation, in its recent complaint, claims that it exclusively owns the rights to the late artist’s brand and accuses Pinedo and her daughter of illicitly using a website and to offer a number of goods and services. It also claims that Pinedo’s recent criticism amounts to defamation and has led to the corporation losing at least one licensing opportunity. It seeks a court judgement acknowledging its ownership of the relevant trademarks, an order to force Pinedo to close down the allegedly infringing website, and $75,000 in damages. (AH)

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