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EU Says No To Other Cheese Producers Using Names Like Cheddar, Gorganzola….

As a Brit having lived in the US this has always confused this blog writer who for the life of me still wonders what some products named Cheddar have anything to do with Cheddar at all. Whereas US cheese producers would argue that “Cheddar” is a generic term.

The EU wants to start applying rules.

BNA reports…

European Union efforts to limit food names based on geography have left U.S. dairy farmers feeling sour.

The EU limits rights in geographic indicators, words that suggest a product was made in a specific location. The bloc is also trying to expand that regime to to other countries through trade agreements.

U.S. cheese-mongers fear they’ll be stripped of their ability to use names that they see as generic, such as feta or Gorgonzola.

“The issue is misuse of intellectual property tools to create barriers to trade,” Shawna Morris of the Consortium for Common Food Names, a U.S. food producers’ group, told Bloomberg Law. “If this were being done for patents or other IP, this would be viewed by other countries as absolutely appalling.”

If cheese is your thing then read on

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