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New York Dr Is Serial Trademark Filer

World Trademark Review reports that a New York Dr in his seventies filed more TM applications than any corporation, this past year.

They write…………..

One of the big surprises came from the top filing data. Compiled by CompuMark, with a sample published below, the data looked at the top applicants at the USPTO in 2017, with some big brands making an appearance, including Mattel, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Target and Wal-Mart. However, the top 10 also includes two individual filers: Steven S Lazar is listed as the most prolific single applicant in the US last year, with Canadian citizen Brian Bereber in sixth place. Also appearing in the top 10 is CKL Holdings, one of the companies owned by prolific trademark filer Michael Gleissner.

Focusing on Lazar; according to, he is a 71-year-old physician based in Brooklyn, New York. Before 2017, he had one registered trademark to his name. But that all changed last year, when he filed 312 applications over a few short months – and mystery surrounds the purpose of this prolific activity. It appears that the applications are linked to a business (or business idea) related to doctors operating over different zip codes. One of the trademarks is for the term AREACODEDOCTORS, while the rest are for three digits followed by the word ‘doctors’ (eg, 123DOCTORS). Most of the terms have also been registered by Lazar as ‘.com’ domains (between 2012 and 2017), although none of them are currently active.



Here’s more about him

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