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Meanwhile Over At Chanel They’re Suing An e-bay Seller for $56 Million For Trademark Infringement

Eseller reports…

What is unique about this complaint is that Chanel is not claiming that the eBay seller was selling fake products, but that the seller was selling products without original packaging.

In its court filing, the cosmetics firm argues by not using original packaging, the seller created doubt with consumers “whether the product they receive has been opened, diluted, or otherwise tampered with after leaving the factory, and depriving them [consumers] of certain essential information, including, ingredient lists.”

The report reveals

This month, cosmetics firm Chanel filed a trademark infringement suit in the New York Easter District Court against eBay seller Ryan Ladijinsky asking for $56 million in damages, claiming 27 different infringements.

The amount the company is seeking also includes punitive damages for what the company claims are Ladijinsky’s willful infringement activities.

In the court filing, the company states the eBay seller sold “used goods, goods that were never intended for sale, and/or goods lacking any packaging or product information,” as well as “testers of Chanel cosmetics, including lip gloss power, and blush; unboxed fragrances and cosmetics; and even used fragrance items.”

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