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Above The Law Article: Want To Be A Block Chain Lawyer ?

Quite a simplistic piece. Regular readers of the Cognate blog will wonder why this stuff is still being written… By the way we did try and find a corresponding image of a female Blockchain lawyer but apparently only men practice blockchain law in image world.. our apologies.


The industry has many exciting employment opportunities for interested individuals. Numerous new companies in the industry require staff to handle the high demand for these businesses. Staff in marketing, law, finance, and information technology are in high demand in the blockchain industry. In addition, individuals capable of solving arising issues or identifying new opportunities are highly sought after. As a lawyer, your talents cannot lack a home within the blockchain technology industry.

Although it can be an intimidating idea to switch from a legal career to an entirely new industry, the blockchain industry is a great choice for any lawyer willing to make a bold move. The brave attorneys who transition to the blockchain industry now, while it’s still relatively new, will be rewarded with exciting work opportunities, relatively high compensation, and the chance to truly be a part of something incredible.


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