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The backdoor of trademark has revealed to fans what the new Star Trek series is to be called. Trademark Review has reported….

New Star Trek series name “revealed” in trademark application – According to the popular Trademark Ninja blog, the name of Patrick Stewart’s new Star Trek series may have been revealed in a recent trademark application. TV network CBS filed a STAR TREK RELIANT trademark application on the same day that Patrick Stewart announced he was reprising his role as Jean-Luc Picard. The mark is filed in class 41 for services including “a continuing multimedia series featuring drama”. “Suspicious much?” the blog asked, while predicting that CBS will respond by claiming they “regularly file trademarks for all manner of things”. But relatively few Star Trek-related marks are filed by CBS, the blog points out, and all marks in recent years appear to have been used for products, TV shows, games and/or movies. If true, and Star Trek: Reliant is the name of Patrick Stewart’s upcoming series, then spare a thought for Newfoundland resident Darren Hann, who released an unofficial web series in 2012 called Star Trek: Reliant. Each episode of the fan-made show features a clear disclaimer, including a “thank you” to Paramount Pictures and Gene Roddenberry (creator of the original Star Trek series) for allowing the fan-made series to be made. But if an official show is released with that name, could an IP dispute arise? (TJL)


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