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David Beckham Logo Leaked

World Trademark Review reports – There were numerous news articles this week on a trademark application that could be related to football star David Beckham’s quest to bring a Major League Soccer team to Miami.

The application, for a sleek black and pink logo, was filed by a Delaware-based company called MIPH, the same firm that was used to lodge applications for potential names for the team earlier in 2018.

The logo has generally been met with praise, with the Miami New Times saying “David Beckham finally did something right” in its design and that the colour scheme is “a criminally underused combination in sports teams that’s also reminiscent of an art deco hotel lobby on Ocean Drive”.

But one interesting quirk of the discovery is that social media users appeared to spot a typo in the trademark. The logo includes the text “Internacional Club De Fútbol”, but as the previous article notes, “it’s odd the logo uses Spanish vocabulary in English word order – let’s hope Beckham has a second version with a more sensible ‘Club de Fútbol Internacional’ order”. Could the order of the wording be intentional or is it a mistake? If the logo is revised following fan feedback, it could reveal an unexpected advantage of a trademark application spoiling the unveiling of a new brand or logo. (TJL)


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