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“Banksy of trademarks” loses Beyoncé opposition reports World Trademark Review

A fascinating report from WTR about Mike Lin……..Back in 2016, we spoke with Mike Lin, who called himself “the Banksy of trademarks” following a host of politically-charged trademark applications, including NASTY WOMAN (filed a day after Donald Trump uttered it to rival Hillary Clinton at the final presidential debate in 2016), MAKE AMERIKKKA GREAT AGAIN, COPS SHOOT FIRST, and STOP DMCA. He has also filed countless marks, totalling over $35,000 in fees, seemingly related to other entities, including Disney (HOUSE OF MOUSE, TO INFINITY AND BEYOND), Kobe Bryant (THE BLACK MAMBA) and Beyoncé Knowles (POISON IVY PARK), although he stringently denied any link in our interview, saying “I claim no knowledge of popular culture”. Fast forward two years, and Lin is still ruffling feathers in the trademark world. On Friday, the TTAB made their decision in relation to Lin’s mark for POISON IVY PARK (which was filed two weeks after Beyoncé launched an IVY PARK fashion line). The TTAB ruled against Lin, therefore sustaining the previous opposition and refusing registration of the mark. San Francisco-based Lin reached out to World Trademark Review following the decision, and shared a blog post on the subject. In it, he explained why he was unable to respond to the opposer’s motion for entry of judgment during the appeal. “I fell into a depression from July to August of 2017 where I could not get out of bed, and returned to live with my parents in Taipei, Taiwan. It was at that time that my response was requested, and I was in no mindset to do so. I also spent 55 days in a mental health facility in Taipei from Nov to Dec, 2017 resulting in missed deadlines.” With over 270 domain names and 74 trademarks, we’re sure this won’t be the last time we hear about Lin’s branding activities


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