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Blockchain & The Law Roundup: Monday 4 December 2017

Today’s stories are a great illustration of the development of legal business and issues within the blockchain sector. Stories about the development of legislation concepts from both sides of the pond, a Korean law firm holding a blockchain seminar and an article in the Stanford Law Review are amongst the offerings at the beginning of … Read more

U.S IP Law Firm Bennett Jones Becomes Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Member

Bennett Jones LLP has joined a blockchain industry group devoted to the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Here’s the press release issued by the firm. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance was designed to connect Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts, and Bennett Jones executives feel the firm can benefit from being part … Read more

Blockchain & The Law Roundup: 29 November 2017

Post Thanksgiving we’ve got a few articles for you about blockchain and the development of the market and law. The New York Assembly  has just received legislation designed to deal with certain aspects of crypto law. Canadian legal information blog. SLAW, discusses what may happen with the law and the blockchain in Ontario after the … Read more

Article: Blockchain In Civil Litigation

Interesting piece in Canada’s, Lawyer Daily ( Paywall Access ) that investigates wider uses for blockchain in law with an emphasis on civil litigation.   Here’s the introduction to the piece Civil Litigation A look into the future of blockchain litigation Friday, November 24, 2017 Author: Carolyn Gruske Blockchain litigation is going to go on … Read more

Kraftwerk Sell Tickets To Moscow Concert Using Blockchain

Hard to ignore a Kraftwerk & blockchain story! As the writer correctly points out, it can’t come as a big surprise as they were somewhat ahead of the curve on the technology front.   On November 14, 2017, tickets for a 3D show of the German quartet KRAFTWERK, pioneers of electronic music, to be held … Read more

Legal Academics Assert Promoting Bitcoin Could Be A Criminal Act

Bruce Haring, writing for, says, A respected legal podcast has claimed that promoting bitcoin may actually be a criminal act. The Oral Argument podcast is a weekly-ish podcast hosted by law professors Christian Turner (University of Georgia) and Joe Miller (Lewis and Clark).   Haring relates…. On November 12, their guest, Gregory Klass, an Agnes … Read more

Article: Enabling or Crippling? The Risks of State-by-State Blockchain Laws

This opinion piece is penned by Andrea Tinianow the director of Global Delaware & Joshua Ashley Klayman who chairs the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance’s Legal Working Group. Published by CoinDesk Tianiow and Klayman consider whether so-called enabling legislation passed by a handful U.S. states is necessary for blockchain technology to flourish – and if so, some … Read more

Blockchain & The Law Roundup: 21 November 2017

A busy start to the week, this week, in the world of law & blockchain. The Russians (officially) don’t like Bitcoin: “Bitcoins are a foreign application of Blockchain technology, and Russian law will never consider them as a legal entity under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation”. Meanwhile over at Ethereum they are learning to … Read more

Australian Universities Join Forces With IP Australia To Create Internationally Linked Trademark Database, “TMLink.”

An internationally linked trademark database called TMlink is currently being developed by IP Australia, Swinburne University of Technology and the University of Melbourne. This new database is to be a world-first platform that links trademark application numbers across countries. It will also show how trademarks are used in different markets, opening up new opportunities for … Read more

Idaho Patent and Trademark Resource Center Opens

The University of Idaho College of Law and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office opened their Idaho Patent and Trademark Resource Center on Nov. 15 2017. The center will begin serving patrons on Dec. 4 inside the Idaho Law and Justice Learning Center in Boise. The opening followed a daylong seminar by USPTO representatives, and … Read more