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IP law firm Rouse opens new office in Cambodia

It’s an interesting time for Intellectual property law specialist Rouse to open a new office in Cambodia. Politics in the country in the past few months have taken an even sharper turn to the right, than is usual, even for the Hun Sen government. Since June he’s closed the country’s main English language newspaper and radio … Read more

Blockchain & The Law Roundup – 26 October 2017:

Who needs to join Ethereum when you can, instead, just create your own blockchain? K&L Gates is working with Chainvine, a technology company based in the United Kingdom and Sweden, to provide their lawyers with blockchain modules so they can learn the technology. Read more about K&L Gates and their plans below. Although we’ve already … Read more

Blockchain & The Law Roundup 24 October 2017

We aren’t drowning in stories today. But, each piece we’ve highlighted below illustrates the speed with which blockchain and the law are becoming inextricably entwined. Look left or look right, it doesn’t matter, law firm blockchain and cryptocurrency practices appear before our very eyes. We are also very intrigued by new startup, Jury Online, who … Read more

Blockchain Roundup: 19 October 2017 , Law Firm Article On Trademarking ICOs Mentions Cognate

Quite quiet again at the end of the week. Only two things of note today.  Trademark registration for ICOs are the flavor of the month and law firm Erdos IP gets to the bottom of it all. Not only that, Cognate gets a mention in this fascinating article.Cognate is one blockchain-related venture that seeks to … Read more

Tech Company Provides Blackchain Solution For Law Firms To Exchange Data With Clients

Here’s the press release with an opening paragraph that’s verging on goobledegook. The jist of what they are trying to say, we think, is that they have created a secure data exchange service for law firms. Here’s the press release in full. Davis & Associates (D&A), a leading provider of cloud based eDiscovery, integrated technology … Read more

Lexology Article: Europe: Blockchain – Practical and legal challenges

Lexology write, by way of introduction   The increasing digitization of the private as well as economic realm is undeniable. The European Commission is constantly pushing the Digital Single Market forward. In the same breath as the ubiquitous phenomenon of digitalization, blockchain technology is all too often mentioned. A bright future is predicted for it … Read more

Law Firm NovakRutar Law & Work With Slovenian Government To Create Conditions For Regulated Blockchain Sector report on a press release sent out by   Slovenia is working towards a regulated blockchain market as quickly as it can, according to the following information. welcomes the government-led initiative to optimize the framework for the blockchain industry. Due to close cooperation between and government institutions and regulators, we … Read more

Report: Mapping the Global Legal Landscape of Blockchain and Other Distributed Ledger Technologies CIGI Papers No. 149

Blockchain, tangle and other distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) are pushing a broad array of previously centralized global economic activities toward decentralized market structures. Governments should tackle the new regulatory conundrums of an increasingly disintermediated global economy by focusing on DLTs’ individual use cases rather than its underlying enabling technologies. EXTRACT About the Author Julie Maupin … Read more

IBM Launch Blockchain Network For Cross Border Transactions, Testing In The South Pacific

IBM announced in a press release last  week that they plan to launch a new blockchain payment technology network for international markets that will enable cross border transactions to be processed extremely fast. The press release goes on to say Cross border transactions where multiple currencies are involved usually take a number of days to be … Read more