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Examining Trump’s History: The New President And Trademark Rights

What does Mr. Trump’s history of trademark litigation foretell? We’ve made an extensive examination of lawsuits filed, administrative challenges in the Trademark Office, and Trump’s history of trademark registration ownership. Two of the things about Donald Trump which have become legendary are his love of the “Trump” brand, and his love of litigation. What do his … Read more

Texas Law School Ignores Secret to Preventing Trademark Litigation

There is a secret to preventing trademark infringement litigation.  But on a weekly basis, we see that the secret appears to be hidden in plain sight. It’s a secret which might escape even law school administrators. One thing is no secret: trademark litigation in the United States is very expensive. But avoiding litigation? Yes, there is … Read more

What Can We Learn From Uber’s ‘Otto’ Trademark Problem?

Uber seems to be in the news daily. Today, we hear they are being investigated by Chinese antitrust authorities about their proposed combination with Chinese company DiDi in that nation’s ridesharing market. Other reports tell of an $11.4 million fine imposed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission just reinstated for operating illegally in 2014, which … Read more

Press Release: Cognate Launches Trademark Monitoring Service

(March 7, 2016)- Cognate, a Boston-based legal tech startup, has just announced the launch of its trademark monitoring service. Cognate’s proprietary algorithm monitors new federal trademark applications submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If there is a conflict, Cognate sends an alert notifying the owner of the Cognate-registered mark that another party is … Read more