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Press Release: Launches New Trademark Listing Platform

(September 18, 2014)- Boston-based startup Cognate has just launched the country’s first online platform enabling companies to make a fast, affordable claim to their trademark rights. Over 95% of businesses never register their trademarks or business names with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) because the  system is costly and complicated. Cognate provides a way … Read more

Balancing Trademark Protection With Price

Last week I read an article called “A Dozen Reasons Why Growth Companies (and Their Investors) Seek Federal Trademark Registrations”. It is a very informative and well-written article outlining the major benefits of federal trademark registration. The article was published by the National Law Review and is designed to get people to seek federal registration with the … Read more

Tesla’s Trademark Problems In China Are Hardly Electrifying News

A Chinese entrepreneur named Zhan Baosheng registered the “Tesla” trademark in China. Then he waited. Once Tesla started selling its cars there, Zhan sued Tesla for almost $4 million dollars, plus the right to stop their trademark use. These types of practices highlight key differences in trademark rights and ownership which exist between most English … Read more