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The Hot TM Story Today – UK Company Trademarks “Bitcoin”

The Kaplan Herald is one of 20+ media reports on this today   Multiple reports and public filings have shown a UK-based firm called ‘A.B.C. IPHoldings South West’ has successfully acquired a trademark for the name ‘Bitcoin’. According to a merchant on Etsy, IP-Holdings sent a cease and desist order because they were selling Bitcoin-themed … Read more

Article: Legal Issues for the Regulation of Bitcoin

This article goes a little deeper than most with regard to the regulation of bitcoin. As they state……”Creating concrete definitions when the technology itself is in a constant state of flux” Legal report “To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture,” claimed revolutionary thinker Frantz Fanon, words that ring true … Read more

If You Are Going To Read One Article This Year About Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptography , Make It This One

John Lanchester writes for the London Review of Books about blockchain, bitcoin and places the technology in context with the development of money and financial systems. Lanchester is the man who first broke the Libor story  and for us has always been the go to writer with his finger on the pulse of 21st century … Read more

Womble Carlyle Attorney To Speak On Blockchain: Webinar – “Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Law”

Womble Carlyle write….Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity—and coming under increased scrutiny from federal and state regulators. Likewise, blockchain, the technology that powers many cryptocurrencies, is growing rapidly as well.Here’s information about the webinar and how to register Womble Carlyle lawyer Steve Middlebrook will discuss “Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Law” in an Oct. … Read more