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Article: “How Blockchain Just May Transform Online Copyright Protection”

This we already know at Cognate, but it’s great to see legal media catching up a year later. Above The Law write, “When it comes to online copyright protection and enforcement, blockchain technology is shaping up to handle the challenge” The article authored by, Tom Kulik, a Intellectual Property & Information Technology Partner at the Dallas-based … Read more

Press Release: DMG Blockchain Announces Formation of Regulatory Advisory Board

DMG Blockchain Solutions has announced the appointment of Varun Gupta, Lou Kerner, and Samuel Osei to the Advisory Board of DMG. Here’s the press release in full Varun Gupta – Head Legal Advisor Mr. Gupta is a leading lawyer in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, having been the founding Chief Legal Officer of BitFury. He has … Read more

Blockchain & The Law Roundup: 12 February 2018

A couple of interesting pieces about the march of cyrpto regulation in the US market at state level.     Title: State-Level Legislation Anticipates Wide-Spread Business Use of Blockchain Author: National Law Review Date: 9 February 2018 URL: Extract: The Proposed Nebraska Laws Nebraska has three proposed laws pending: LB 695 contains concepts that are similar to those … Read more

Article: “How law firms and law schools are capitalizing on cryptocurrency and blockchain”

Unfortunately this article is behind a paywall but if you do have a subscription it might be worth a quick look as the legal sector is moving towards blockchain solutions with increasing speed. The article can be sourced at:

Switzerland Sets Up Working Group To Address Issues of Blockchain and ICO’s

The Financial Times reported yesterday….”Switzerland wants to remain an “attractive location” for initial coin offerings, its international finance ministry has said as it announced the setting up a working group to assess the need for action by the country’s lawmakers or regulators.” Here’s the introduction to their piece The affluent Alpine state has accounted for … Read more

Article: More US States move to legalise blockchain

UK publication, Enterprise, has a simple overview of what US states are introducing blockchain related legislation. They write in their introduction. Last week five separate bills were put before three states in the USA. All of the bills have one thing in common, blockchain and in particular, smart contracts. The bills were introduced in Nebraska … Read more

Blockchain & The Law Roundup 13 January 2018

We did warn you there’d soon be a tsunami of articles concerning blockchain and the law. Here’s the first few waves of information lapping the shore.     Title:  Blockchain: Can The Law Keep Up Author:  Lexology – Charles Russell Speechleys Date:  12 January 2018 URL: Extract:  Most commonly known as the technology behind Bitcoin, … Read more