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Lawyers & Newly Created Firms Cash In On Blockchain & Asset-Backed Securitization

The American Lawyer has published a long form article on the feeding chain beginning to form around blockchain and asset-backed securitization. The American Lawyer reports  the securitization ranks high among the types of capital market product structures that could benefit the most from the blockchain revolution. Already partners at DLA Piper; Cravath, Swaine & Moore; FisherBroyles; and … Read more

Mondaq Article: Trademarking Blockchain

Cognate is all about using blockchain to create your “chainmark” . This article published via the Mondaq network talks about trademarking blockchain  platforms and services. It’s the first we’ve seen on the subject Gregor Wild  writes…..Switzerland: Trademark Protection For Blockchain? It lies in the nature of the blockchain technology that the control and securing of … Read more

Article: 10 blockchain experts to follow on Twitter

Not specifically a legal post but worth knowing who actually talks or should we say tweets sense in the market. The Enterprise Project write, “The hype around blockchain technology has most certainly gone hand-in-hand with digital currencies like Bitcoin. But it’s about much more than cryptocurrencies: Blockchain is becoming an industry unto itself.” Here’s the … Read more

Colorado Introduces Bill Advocating Blockchain For Gov’t Data Protection And Cyber Security

Coin Telegraph  reported yesterday that the Colorado Senate  passed a bill on May 7 that involves the use of  blockchain tech for government record keeping and cyber security. Here’s the article Senate Bill (SB) 18-086 requires the governor’s office of information technology (OIT), the department of state, and the department of regulatory agencies to consider … Read more

GDPR & The Blockchain: Will blockchain run afoul of GDPR? (Yes and no)

Computerworld has penned an article about the issues surrounding Europe’s new GDPR rules and the blockchain. Initially they write, “The immutable nature of blockchain networks could break the rules….But when implemented properly, the distributed ledger technology could also be part of the solution for compliance.” Anybody working in Blockchain and the law will have this topic … Read more

Article: What Opportunities Could Blockchain Create for Intellectual Property (IP)?

This Coindesk piece is worth a quick scan.   There have been many early applications of blockchain technology in fin-tech, but how can blockchain improve the protection of intellectual property (IP)? It’s clear that distributed ledger technologies can be implemented in lots of use cases. Here some examples. IP Registration System How long does it … Read more

Crowell & Moring LLP has launched a Digital Transformation Practice

 Crowell & Moring LLP has launched a Digital Transformation Practice that they say will help corporations and entrepreneurs bring new innovations to market and their operations. The practice serves clients developing autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and robotics, 3D printing, digital health, Internet of Things, blockchain, and other technologies.   Here’s their full press release.. The … Read more

Article: Predicting the Emergence of Common Law Through Blockchain

Authored By Dr. Federico Ast and published to the Nasdaq site. This article, published last week, is fascinating. Ast writes… To understand how blockchain technology can disrupt and establish a common law on the Internet, look no further than TCP/IP and how this once nascent and obscure technology in the 1970s became the foundation of the … Read more