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FT Article Analyzes Law Firm Approach to ICO’s, Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain

The FT write…..”Some of the world’s top law firms are looking to cash in on the mania for blockchain and cryptocurrencies by advising on initial coin offerings and investments in the new technology, as well as helping to deal with sceptical regulators.” If you want to get a better idea of law firm thinking on … Read more

Epazz Announce “Patent Pending” Blockchain Dispute Resolution Services

Is it just us or is this market getting very overcrowded. Epazz say their, Patent Pending Blockchain Smart Legal Contracts (Cordtell), will Generate New Sources of Revenue with Dispute Resolution Here’s their just published press release. Epazz will offer Cordtell on a monthly subscription fee starting at $299 per month. The company will offer additional … Read more

Gowling Law Firm Partners Up With Decentral

The Lawyers Daily (Canada) reports that law firm Gowling WLG has formed what it is calling a strategic alliance with Toronto-based Decentral Inc. Decentral was founded by Anthony Diiorio, who also co-founded Ethereum, and  produces Jaxx, a cryptocurrency wallet & multi-token blockchain interface. According to Gowling WLG, the alliance will allow the companies to “optimize the many … Read more

New Start-Up, IP Chain

IPCHAIN   has, we are told, been formed by a number of scientists, who wanted to use Blockchain technology to address known challenges in the context of protecting scientific research, the project has been met with enthusiastic feedback by leading stakeholders in intellectual property (IP) law. In their initial press release they say that…….Once released, … Read more

White & Case Publish Article On Lexology Giving A Very Detailed Account of the Development of VC&B

For those of us not in the know, the acronym stands for Virtual currency and blockchain (VC&B). White & Case write that this technology is now becoming an important component of the global financial system and although VC&B were initially founded on a non-governmental philosophy, the technology is steadily gaining legitimacy. Here’s the article in … Read more

Wyoming, The Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Hub of America ?

That’s what Newsweek are saying, “Wyoming is a state of rugged individualists that seems to have a penchant for being “first” on matters of no small importance. Also dubbed the “Equality State,” Wyoming was the first state to grant women the right to vote and the first state to elect a female governor. As to business … Read more

SLAW (Canada) Publish Article On Cost Of Blockchain – “Is the Blockchain Too Expensive?”

SLAW a collaborative publishing site for legal professionals and information types has published the following interesting article about the cost of blockchain. We’ve not seen the subject covered before. They write, “as transactions go, Bitcoin is said to be some 5000 times more expensive than a Visa purchase”   Slaw: Is the Blockchain Too Expensive? … Read more

K&L Gates Look To Build Their Own Internal Blockchain

K&L Gates has embraced this new technology, not only because their clients demand it but they see the benefits as well. K&L Gates Partner Judith Rinearson of the New York and London offices told Bloomberg Law, “You don’t need to be doing initial coin offerings or issuing tokens to benefit from the blockchain.”   We … Read more

R3 Launches Corda

The enterprise software firm has launched its  Corda Blockchain Legal Centre of Excellence with the purpose of bringing together law firms to collaborate on best practices, gather feedback from the legal sector and also help them to better engage with the new technology. So far ten international law firms have joined a new initiative by R3 to … Read more