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Bird & Bird China Office Publish Article ” Brand Protection in the Global Marketplace”

Both useful and interesting to read from a Chinese professional perspective.. The article was published via Lexology   In 1873, Jules Verne famously wrote of circumnavigating the world “in 80 days”. Today, a brand goes around the world with the click of a mouse. Globalisation has brought exciting opportunities for businesses expanding into overseas markets, … Read more

Ivanka’s China Trademark Waterfall

This story has been all over the media in the last 48 hours. Is there a conflict of interest. CNBC explores the issue.. They write Ivanka Trump’s Chinese trademarks raise questions about potential conflicts of interest Chinese trademarks issued to Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand this month are raising questions over whether the first daughter is … Read more

Ritz Go Crackers Over China TM Infringement

The Epoch Times reported over the weekend that  Ritz crackers is at the center of the latest trademark infringement case in China. They write.. On May 15, Dongguan Intermediate People’s Court in southern China’s Guangdong Province held a court session to hear a case filed by Intercontinental Great Brands LLC (formerly known as Kraft Foods Holdings) … Read more

Article: The Five Kinds of China Trademark Squatters

It’s all about registering trademarks and patents in China at the moment. This article published by the China Law Blog is a great start if you need to reference what’s happening in trademark squatting, Chinese style, at the moment. Here’s their article and we really recommend this blog as a great first step in the … Read more

Leading UK Trademark Law Firm,Marks & Clerk, Has Site Duplicated By Chinese Outfit, Champion Intellectual Property Management (CIPM)

World Trademark Review reports. Champion Intellectual Property Management has copied the website of leading IP law firm Marks & Clerk. The discovery comes as new data reveals a UK filing spree on the part of previously unobserved Chinese entities – with one expert warning that Western firms are “looking in the wrong place” when seeking to … Read more

Trademark Law Update 14 September 2017

Another week another round of trademark stories for you. News includes, Myanmar updating their trademark legislation. Oman ratifies IP laws. Somebody has decided to trademark “Brexit” and Asian American rock band ( from Portland, of course!) the Slants celebrate their Supreme Court win.   Title:  Myanmar Update: Prepare Now for the New Trademark Law Author:  Spruson … Read more

120 Year Old European IP Firm Launches China Patent Practice

The Asian arm of European intellectual property firm Awapatent, AWA Asia, is extending the 120-year-old firm’s patent practice to China reports  Global Legal Post. The firm has recruited two senior patent lawyers.  Xiaofan Chen joins as a partner and Yuanyuan Chu as senior patent attorney in Beijing. Xiaofan Chen previously worked at Liu Shen and … Read more

Australian Startup Uses Blockchain To Assert Legal Provenance In China

Australian, Mark Toohey, has launched a startup called TBSx3 to develop a blockchain-based system intended to stall counterfeiters. Toohey, founder and director of the company, states that his “TBS times three” comes from three layers of protection built into the company’s anti-counterfeiting solution – encryption, logistics tracking, and blockchain. Innovation Australia reports: TBSx3 recently completed … Read more