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Article: Legal Issues for the Regulation of Bitcoin

This article goes a little deeper than most with regard to the regulation of bitcoin. As they state……”Creating concrete definitions when the technology itself is in a constant state of flux” Legal report “To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture,” claimed revolutionary thinker Frantz Fanon, words that ring true … Read more

Bank of England Governor Weighs in on Regulating Cryptocurrencies

Cointelegraph and other media are reporting on Mark Carney’s call for UK authorities and others to start thinking about a strict regulatory environment for Cryptocurrencies in the UK and beyond. Coin Telegraph write…. Bank of England (BoE) governor Mark Carney called for the authorities to regulate cryptocurrencies rather than “ban them outright” in his speech … Read more

Switzerland Sets Up Working Group To Address Issues of Blockchain and ICO’s

The Financial Times reported yesterday….”Switzerland wants to remain an “attractive location” for initial coin offerings, its international finance ministry has said as it announced the setting up a working group to assess the need for action by the country’s lawmakers or regulators.” Here’s the introduction to their piece The affluent Alpine state has accounted for … Read more

Gibraltar Launches Financial Services License for Blockchain

TR Reuters have reported that  Gibraltar’s financial services watchdog will introduce the world’s first bespoke license for “fintech” firms using blockchain distributed ledger technology as of next month in a bid to attract start-ups to the British overseas territory as it prepares for Brexit. The report goes on to say   The Gibraltar Financial Services … Read more

Coindesk Publishes Article By EU Parliamentary Member Who Chairs Science & Technology Options Assessment Panel

Eva A. Kaili a member of the European Parliament, where she chairs the Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) panel aimed at assessing AI, fintech and blockchain says the technology is somewhat like an unruly teenager at the moment.   She writes…… The internet is once more in a period of transition. The “cloud era” that … Read more

Is Slovenia Positioning Itself To Become Europe’s Blockchain Destination?

An op ed on this week makes for very interesting reading. Not because they are interested in attracting the technology, the whole world seems to have that aim at the moment. Rather  the prime minister of Slovenia’s recent speech in support of blockchain technology  has solidified the country’s position as a leading blockchain destination in … Read more