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Lawfuel Article: 5 Key Blockchain Building Blocks For Law Firms To Understand Today

As good a way as any to start the new year. Try to get a better understanding of the blockchain and how it might work for your practice. Lawfuel reference a report  published by Law firm, Clyde & Co How can lawyers best get to grips with what is happening with blockchain technology and how … Read more

Report: Mapping the Global Legal Landscape of Blockchain and Other Distributed Ledger Technologies CIGI Papers No. 149

Blockchain, tangle and other distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) are pushing a broad array of previously centralized global economic activities toward decentralized market structures. Governments should tackle the new regulatory conundrums of an increasingly disintermediated global economy by focusing on DLTs’ individual use cases rather than its underlying enabling technologies. EXTRACT About the Author Julie Maupin … Read more