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Ritz Go Crackers Over China TM Infringement

The Epoch Times reported over the weekend that  Ritz crackers is at the center of the latest trademark infringement case in China. They write.. On May 15, Dongguan Intermediate People’s Court in southern China’s Guangdong Province held a court session to hear a case filed by Intercontinental Great Brands LLC (formerly known as Kraft Foods Holdings) … Read more

Well That’s A Bit Cocky… Author Secures Trademark For Word “Cocky”

Apparently only if the word appears in the title of a romance novel…. but still. A quick search of google images certainly stretches the concept of romance too !   Tech Dirt report Over the weekend, the unlikeliest of hashtags began to draw attention on Twitter: #cockygate. There are a million places one’s mind could … Read more

UK moves to implement EU Trade Mark Directive: consultation running until 16 April 2018

A worthwhile read from Hogan Lovells via lexology on the latest UKIPO consultation paper. With regard to  EU Trademark Directive 2015. Here’s their introduction. The UKIPO has issued a consultation paper on the implementation of the EU Trade Mark Directive 2015 (the “Directive”), which is required to be implemented into UK law by 14 January … Read more

Trademark Update: Changes to Spanish EU trademark and Community design litigation

Published on ILO and authored by lawyer Dalia Ferrando at Spanish firm,Grau & Angulo. “In 2017 the EU Trademark Regulation (2017/1001) and the Spanish Patents Act (24/2015) entered into force. Both pieces of legislation have affected EU trademark and Community design litigation in Spain.” Introduction – January 29 2018 The EU Trademark Regulation is a codified version … Read more

Finding IP Information On Lexis Nexis, Update.

Sometimes the endless searching on the big databases makes one feel like you’re looking to find that mysterious route through the North West Passage.   Never fear Lexis are getting much better at helping users navigate their way through  the ice floes, past the dangerous headlands and narwhals.   Here’s their latest tip(s) and where … Read more

Iconic Australian Beach At Center Of Corporate Trademark Tussle In The U.S.

“Everybody uses the name Bondi Beach, and for it just to be restricted by one organisation in the whole of America, it just seems wrong. It’s just completely wrong.” Australia’s most iconic beach, Bondi , has been at the centre of an international trademark tussle between a Sydney cosmetics company and multinational fashion giant Abercrombie … Read more