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Mondaq Article: Trademarking Blockchain

Cognate is all about using blockchain to create your “chainmark” . This article published via the Mondaq network talks about trademarking blockchain  platforms and services. It’s the first we’ve seen on the subject Gregor Wild  writes…..Switzerland: Trademark Protection For Blockchain? It lies in the nature of the blockchain technology that the control and securing of … Read more

Burberry Take On Target In The US Over, “repeated, willful, and egregious misappropriation of Burberry’s famous and iconic check trademarks.”

Well… that’s about as clear as one can be! The fashion law blog reports on what is likely to be a huge ding dong battle as both try to defend their corner. FLB  write,  “An ugly legal battle has been brewing between one of America’s largest big-box retailers and one of Britain’s most esteemed luxury … Read more

Sign of the Times: Trademark in The Midst of a Civil War

When we saw the headline of this World Trademark Review article it did make us double take. Actually though it’s an interesting piece about preserving rights in the midst of two competing systems and offices in a country consumed by war. World Trademark Review report Trademark rights “at risk” in Yemen following opening of second … Read more

Lexology Article: Important Changes to Myanmar Trademark Law

If you are working in Asia. This Deacons article might be of interest.   This circular is to alert you to substantial changes to Myanmar’s trade mark regime. Myanmar has been working on improving protection for intellectual property as part of its plan to overhaul its legal framework to facilitate and encourage foreign investment in … Read more

Liverpool FC (UK) Files Trademark Suit in Texas District Court Over Use of Crest

Just a poor excuse for us to feature a picture of Liverpool’s new wonder striker. Egyptian, Mohamed Salah. He just has to look at a ball and it ends up in the net! Watch him here   Affiliate Networks reports……… On Apr 10, 2018, Liverpool F.C. filed a complaint in a District Court for a Eastern … Read more

Neuroscience the future of trademark?

Sounds exciting doesn’t it?  We wish we could tell you more  but unfortunately  all we have is the google alert and a link to a World Trademark Review piece, which is, unfortunately , behind a paywall.   Groundbreaking paper suggests neuroscience could transform trademark strategies – both inside … World Trademark Review (blog) The paper, … Read more

Alibaba Not Happy With Alibaba(coin) Foundation Lawsuit In Play

If we remember rightly it always was  AliBaba and the den of 40 Thieves . When using the original AliBaba commerce site back in those dim distant naughties  the service always reminded us of that den. Now it looks as though the Jeff Bezos of China isn’t very happy with Dubai-based company, AlibabaCoin. Who, we’d suggest, might … Read more

JD Supra Publish “Significant Intellectual Property Trademark Decisions 2017”

They write, “2017 was a year filled with significant developments in case law for trademarks. The below rulings highlight some successes and obstacles faced by companies in the protection of their trademarks and their brand as a whole.Following is an overview of a few of the more significant decisions in 2017 that may impact the … Read more

Underground British Fashion Brand Takes Versace To Court Over Lion Logo

Good to see a good old fashioned fashion trademark tussle between the big and the small. Looking at the image it seems they have a point. The Fashion Law Blog Reports An emerging British brand is hauling Versace into court, alleging that the Italian design titan copied its lion logo. According to a trademark infringement … Read more

Trademark “Use”: Understanding “Actual Use”, “First-to-Use” and “First-to-File”

  Some of the most common questions we get at Cognate are centered around the concept of trademark “use.” Three foundational concepts related to trademark use are actual use, first-to-use, and first-to-file. Actual Use Essential to enforcement and protection of trademark rights is the concept of “actual use” (or “use”). Trademark use is achieved when a trademark is … Read more