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Trademark Your Band Name As Quickly As Possible Says Nevada Lawyer

Interesting piece published in IP Watchdog recently recommending that bands and musical acts trademark and record name use as early as possible in their career. The outlet  recently spoke to Craig Newby  a partner at McDonald Carano Wilson LLC in Nevada,  to discuss the importance of trademarking a rock band’s name. Here’s a taste of the … Read more

Are We Running Out of Names to Trademark Global Companies

An interesting report from Bloomberg on the back of Yahoo! Inc’s rebranding to Altaba Inc.”   There’s some discussion about global company re-branding but what’s of more interest is the reference of the following quote by  corporate-identity consultant Tony Spaeth There is a numeric limit to the universe of names, the combinations of letters of five syllables … Read more

California To Roll Out Own Cannabis Trademark Legislation

California was the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use.  In 1996, California approved Proposition 215, the California Compassionate Use Act.  Two decades later, California voters approved  Proposition 64, the Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA).  Despite the fact that cannabis has been legal in California since 1996, you still … Read more

Some Important Trademark Stories From The Past Week

There’s been some big stories in trademark over the past week and as stories go it doesn’t get bigger than our first one. New Balance and their award by a Chinese court. Virtually every corner of the legal media has reported the development so here’s the BBC version for you to have a look at. … Read more

More Articles On Blockchain & The Legal Industry

Although we usually do our blockchain roundup at the end of the week these two articles are well worth a read as both touch on the use of blockchain in IP law.   Title: Blockchain Technology Expected to Strongly Impact the IP Industry Date: 18 August 2017 URL: Extract: Regular creation of IP – The number … Read more

Leading Scottish Trademark Firm Announces Record Earnings

Glasgow-based patent and trademark attorney firm, Murgitroyd, announced via press release late last month that the firm’s second-half results would show a “significant improvement” on the first six months of the year. In a trading update ahead of its annual results, the firm’s  chief executive, Keith Young,  said it had generated record revenues of £22.8 … Read more

Myanamar: New Intellectual Property Legislation Still Not Passed

If you are doing business in SE Asia this Baker & McKenzie article is worth more than a quick skim. IP legislation drafts have been ready since 2014 and are still waiting decisions from deliberating committees   Here’s the introduction to the B&M piece authored by  Say Sujintaya Although the drafts have been ready as … Read more

Indonesia’s Law and Human Rights Ministry Aims To Streamline Procedures To Register Trademarks

The Indonesian Law and Human Rights Ministry is looking to streamline procedures when registering trademarks to cut the time needed for local and international businesses to gain official recognition of their brands. “Such an improvement is part of the implementation of Law and Human Rights Ministry Regulation No. 67/2016 on Brand Registration,”  the ministry’s trademark … Read more