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Artisan Beer Causes 19% Rise In Trademarks in UK Beer Industry

It doesn’t matter where you are, Portland (OR), Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, it’s not hard to notice a plethora of new craft beers. Beverage Daily reports that the rise and rise of the artisanal beer industry in the UK has also fueled a massive rise in trademark registrations. London based RPC law firm says that … Read more

Cannabis Industry Sector Trademarking Strain Names Like There’s No Tomorrow

If you are a trademark lawyer working in the sector or based in California this, we’d suggest, is a must read article. Business Insider talks with cannabis delivery service, Pot Valet, who say, intellectual property rights for cannabis strains are a growing, yet dangerous trend. Pot Valet believe cannabis growing companies are creating their own marijuana … Read more

“covfefe” …Big In the World of Trademarks

Quartz Media reports that since the immortal word was tweeted on 31 May  the US president’s linguistic mystery has inspired 35 trademark applications at the Patent and Trademark Office. We learn from the report that trademark applicants have proposed a stunning array of delightful covfefe items, like beach balls, alternative energy education toys, underwater camera … Read more

Trademark Law  Specialist Iain Connor of Pinsent Masons Advises, “act ahead of deadline for registering ‘.africa’ web addresses”

Via their Outlaw information hub Pinsent’s lawyer, Connor, urges brand owners operating in Africa to act quickly if they want to take advantage of a chance to enhance their trade mark protections on the continent.17 Jul 2017. Here’s what he says… A three-month window during which trade mark holders can register web addresses rooted at … Read more

The Supreme Court Explains Trademark Registration, And It’s The Best Ever

United States Supreme Court Building

Much has been said and written in recent weeks about the Supreme Court’s defense of the First Amendment in the Slants case (Did The Supreme Court Slants Case Just Approve A Big FU To Trademark Owners?), by striking down provisions of federal trademark law. The court has also provided us with perhaps the most authoritative explanation of … Read more