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Monday Morning Blockchain Roundup: 2 October 2017

Too much blockchain is barely enough! This morning we have: Lawyers & ICO’s, Accenture securing a patent for its ‘Editable Blockchain’ technology as well as Maltese lawyers, Camilleri Preziosi, penning an article on the legal issues of blockchain and USA gaming law firm Segev LLP starting up a new blockchain legal practice.     Title:  How to Legitimize … Read more

Trademark Law Update 14 September 2017

Another week another round of trademark stories for you. News includes, Myanmar updating their trademark legislation. Oman ratifies IP laws. Somebody has decided to trademark “Brexit” and Asian American rock band ( from Portland, of course!) the Slants celebrate their Supreme Court win.   Title:  Myanmar Update: Prepare Now for the New Trademark Law Author:  Spruson … Read more