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Burberry Take On Target In The US Over, “repeated, willful, and egregious misappropriation of Burberry’s famous and iconic check trademarks.”

Well… that’s about as clear as one can be! The fashion law blog reports on what is likely to be a huge ding dong battle as both try to defend their corner. FLB  write,  “An ugly legal battle has been brewing between one of America’s largest big-box retailers and one of Britain’s most esteemed luxury … Read more

Blockchain & The Law Roundup: 12 February 2018

A couple of interesting pieces about the march of cyrpto regulation in the US market at state level.     Title: State-Level Legislation Anticipates Wide-Spread Business Use of Blockchain Author: National Law Review Date: 9 February 2018 URL: Extract: The Proposed Nebraska Laws Nebraska has three proposed laws pending: LB 695 contains concepts that are similar to those … Read more

Article: More US States move to legalise blockchain

UK publication, Enterprise, has a simple overview of what US states are introducing blockchain related legislation. They write in their introduction. Last week five separate bills were put before three states in the USA. All of the bills have one thing in common, blockchain and in particular, smart contracts. The bills were introduced in Nebraska … Read more

CBD Product Applications May No Longer Be Immediately Accepted Under The United States Patent and Trademark Offices.

Cannabis Business Times reports. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) once again revised its stance on certain cannabis brand trademark applications. Specifically, applications that cover cannabidiol (CBD) products will no longer be immediately accepted and may ultimately be rejected as violating the Office’s Lawful Use Rule. Until recently, brand owners seeking federal protection … Read more

Legal Academics Assert Promoting Bitcoin Could Be A Criminal Act

Bruce Haring, writing for, says, A respected legal podcast has claimed that promoting bitcoin may actually be a criminal act. The Oral Argument podcast is a weekly-ish podcast hosted by law professors Christian Turner (University of Georgia) and Joe Miller (Lewis and Clark).   Haring relates…. On November 12, their guest, Gregory Klass, an Agnes … Read more

Article: Enabling or Crippling? The Risks of State-by-State Blockchain Laws

This opinion piece is penned by Andrea Tinianow the director of Global Delaware & Joshua Ashley Klayman who chairs the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance’s Legal Working Group. Published by CoinDesk Tianiow and Klayman consider whether so-called enabling legislation passed by a handful U.S. states is necessary for blockchain technology to flourish – and if so, some … Read more

New York Law Firm Launches Blockchain Practice

Law firm Morris Manning & Martin LLP announced Tuesday that it had launched a new blockchain and cryptocurrency group to “meet rising demand from companies of all stripes, for advice on adopting the technology.” Law 360 Reports: Leading the Atlanta-based firm’s group is Austin Mills, a technology attorney with a background in financial technology who … Read more

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Reg (USA) Publish White Paper Focusing On Intellectual Property

Yesterday Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.  released a white paper on recent trends in intellectual property (IP) litigation, examining the impacts of the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) and recent Supreme Court decisions on IP litigation, and looking ahead at the future of jurisprudence in this highly dynamic practice area.   Here’s the press release … Read more

George Washington University Study Suggests Trademark Count Better Indicator of Innovation Than Patent Count

A 2017 study and report  by  The George Washington University has benchmarked the most common innovation proxies, and come to the conclusion that the size of a company’s trademark portfolio is a more consistent indicator of innovation than patent count or R&D expenditure. A report inWorld Trademark Review, comments. The result adds to the evidence that trademarks … Read more