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Webinar: Thursday, March 29 – Blockchain and the Law

This might be worth logging into…Blockchain technology is promising to remake institutions and industries throughout the world, including the law. Join us for a free webinar on this revolutionary technology, as we examine just what blockchain technology is and what legal professionals need to know about it. Webinar Blockchain and the Law: What Lawyers (And Their … Read more

Womble Carlyle Attorney To Speak On Blockchain: Webinar – “Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Law”

Womble Carlyle write….Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity—and coming under increased scrutiny from federal and state regulators. Likewise, blockchain, the technology that powers many cryptocurrencies, is growing rapidly as well.Here’s information about the webinar and how to register Womble Carlyle lawyer Steve Middlebrook will discuss “Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Law” in an Oct. … Read more